MercyGate Kids Milestone Class

Every child reaches different milestones in their development process. They begin walking, talking, potty training, their first day of school, their first date, and an entire host of other milestones. MercyGate Kids has identified 5 milestones our children go through in their faith development. They are Child Dedication, Salvation, Water Baptism, “The Talk”, and Transition to MGY.

We want to take some time and walk parents through each of those “Milestones”. As we come alongside each of you in the faith development of our children, we understand your example is the greatest tool for discipleship. Each month, you will be able to attend a different milestone class that will help you be an example for your child’s faith walk and explain the meaning of the milestone that pertains to your child.

Wednesday, October 5th at 7pm, we will be discussing child dedication. We will be discussing topics such as what exactly child dedication is and why we do it. We will also be covering 5 essential parenting skills that go along with child dedication during this time.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call our church office at 281-576-5201.