What is Tithing?

Tithing is us returning the first 10% of our earnings back to God; it’s not us “giving” to the church or to Him, it’s us returning back a portion that He has asked us to be faithful in returning.


Why Tithe?

There are several promises the Lord makes in the scriptures that tells us the advantage of tithing.

1. He says when we tithe it rebukes the devourer. (Malachi 3:10-11) In other words, He will protect the remaining 90% of what you have.

2. If you give, it will be given to you. (Luke 6:38). There are times we have plenty to give and other times, not enough. Giving with a generous heart produces generosity in and through our lives.

3. We believe in the principle of Malachi 3:10. The Lord said to test Him in the tithe, and we have seen it work. Try it and see it work in your life.


MercyGate Kingdom Builders are a group of fully committed individuals who prayerfully commit to give over and above their tithes to global missions, local outreaches, and future Christian leaders.

Global Missions

We are proud to partner with several global missions groups such as Convoy of Hope, Fire Bible, Builders International, The Global Prayer Alliance, CFNI Poland, Bankok City Church, and many more.

Jesus said the Church’s first priority is to go into all the world and make disciples, and that is what we are supporting these groups in doing. 

Local Outreaches

We love serving our community and the people in it. Through our local missions we aid in community outreach projects, school impact events, and expansions in our facilty so we can serve our community in a better way. 

Future Christian Leaders

MercyGate believes in investing in people. Through our future leaders program we not only have the opportunity to invest in ministry leaders and pastors, but also youth, youth leaders, and youth pastors. Future leaders include: MercyGate Network (mentoring and coaching for ministry leaders and pastors), MercyGate Youth, MercyGate Collective (our ministry school), and MercyGate Learning Center (our children’s learning center).

Join is in investing in our future leaders. 

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