Opportunities to Serve

and Volunteer

Red Carpet Team

We want to roll out the red carpet for our guests. That is exactly what the Red Carpet Team does! It is our greeters, ushers, coffee bar, connection center workers, parking, welcome team, VIP room, medial response, and safety team. This is one of the most versitile places you can volunteer. It is important to us that each person who walks through the doors feels welcome, safe and at home. Join our team.

Kids and Nursery

Children are one of God’s greatest gifts and we value them at MercyGate. Volunteering in the children’s area and nursery is more than just babysitting. It is investing in our future. We love our kids and know that you will gain so much from loving them too! Whether you volunteer one service a month or one service a week, you’ll be glad you did! What kids pour into you is as valuable as what we invest in them!

Youth Ministry

This is one of the funnest places to serve! Pastor Quinton and Aubie plan fun, impactful services and events to teach, grow and engage our youth. If you are young at heart and want to help make world changers, this is the place for you! Who says you can’t serve and have fun! And you may learn a few new “hip” phrases as you do!


Worship Team

Can you sing? Play an instrument? Does your heart live to worship? If so, then the worship team may be the place for you. We don’t simply have gifts and talents in this area, but we also have a heart that needs to praise and worship God. Our goal is to usher His presence in through our worship. If this sounds like you, contact us! We would love to add you to our team.

Production Team

Lights, Sound, Action! This team is what makes our services dynamic and happen online! Would you like to be a part of displaying the words on the screen? Come be a part of an entire team that is focused on making our services as engaging as they can in person and online. If any of these areas sound intriguing to you, we want you on our team! Don’t worry – we will train you and make it easy as A-B-C!

Prayer Team

We believe that prayer is the conduit that can change everything! We know that the Lord wants to do so much here on the earth, but He needs us to partner with Him through prayer to make that happen. Prayer is not just a formal ritual or a long wish list of wants and needs, but for us it means relationship and connection. We believe in the power of prayer and want you to join us in praying!

Office Volunteer


Do you have extra time in your day? We can always use an extra helping hand in the church office. This is a simple, easy way to volunteer your time and skills. Whether it be answering the phones, inputting data, helping with seasonal decor or folding handouts, our office volunteers are what makes things organized and run smoothly! We need you, so volunteer today.


White Glove Team


We care about your health. This team helps us clean and sanitize each Sunday in between services. It is an easy and VITAL postion to volunteer in and literally only takes minutes. If you would like to help us keep things, neat, clean and tidy – we would love to have you!



Care Team


This team is serves other MercyGate members when they are in need. The Care team checks in with and cares for those who just had a baby, are ill or may be in the hospital, or have lost a loved one. This team is literally bringing the love of Christ to those when healing and comfort is needed most. These are the behind the scenes, unsung hearoes of love. If you have a compassionate heart and would love to serve other MercyGate members, we would love to have you on our team.



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