MercyGate Collective FAQ Sheet


What is MercyGate Collective?

It is a 2 year school where students pursue an Associates Degree or Biblical Training while receiving hands on experience at every level of church leadership.


Why should I choose MGCO?

It is a 2 year school where students pursue an Associates Degree or Biblical Training while receiving hands on experience at every level of church leadership.


Where is MercyGate Collective located?

A little east of Houston, MercyGate Collective is part of MercyGate Church located at: 9627 Eagle Dr. Baytown, TX 77523


What tracks are available?

MercyGate Collective 1: Biblical Studies and Internship

MercyGate Collective 2: Associates Degree from SAGU and Internship


Both tracks will be available part time for current attendees of MercyGate Church.  To be eligible for financial aid through SAGU, students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.  Financial aid is NOT available for Collective 1 – Biblical Studies.

Part time tracks will be completed online with a rotation through each area of Ministry at MercyGate Church to be completed during regular service times and scheduled appointments with ministry leaders. Additional training courses and class assignments shall be delegated by leadership as needed.

What type of associates degree can I earn?

Church Ministries, A.A.

General Studies, A.S.

Business Administration, A.S.

Addictions Counseling, A.S.

Human Services, A.S.


Is MercyGate Collective an Accredited school?

All classes in Collective 2 are accredited through SAGU.

Collective 1 classes are authorized through Global University, but are not considered accredited classes.


What is the cost to attend?

Collective 1:  $4,850 a semester for a total of $9,700 a year

*Collective 2:  $8,150 a semester for a total of $16,300 a year

*Collective 2 cost assumes 15 credit hours at $270 an hour. Actual cost is subject to change based off individual students’ academic plan.

Financial Aid is available for SAGU tuition and books in Collective 2 cost.


What is included in the cost?

This price covers all schooling, housing, meals, practicums, administrative fees, and student events.


What additional fees are there?

Gas for your vehicle, car insurance, and health insurance are not covered, along with any books needed to complete SAGU classes.

Cost and dates of our annual Missions Trip are TBD.

Optional fees:

$40 a month for gas if carpooling

$120 a month for Laptop purchase if student does not currently own one

How are payments made?

Please refer to the MercyGate Collective Payment Schedules document: 

MercyGate Collective Payment Schedules ’18-’19


What type of housing if offered?

Housing will be in a Host Home or in an apartment with other students.

Basic furnishings are provided.


What are the requirements to attend?

Must be 18 at start of class.

A HS Diploma or GED *At start of class

Academic recommendation of 2.0 GPA or higher

Be a committed follower of Christ


What is the daily schedule?

Students will attend classes Monday-Thursday 9am-4:30pm and will be expected to attend all church services (Sunday and Wednesday nights), along with any other MG event as requested by MG Staff.


Is there a part-time option?

At this time we are offering a part time option to attendees of MercyGate Church. If you are interested in a part-time option, please email


When do classes start?

Move in date is August 17th & 18th with classes starting on August 20th.


How can I apply?

Applications can be made online via our website:

Please note that the application fee is $250 and is non-refundable.  This fee will be applied to your final tuition cost.


What if I have additional questions?

All questions may be directed to or by calling the church office at 281-576-5201.