MercyGate Collective is a ministry school designed with the objective of raising up effectively trained ministers and leaders for placement into various marketplace and ministry opportunities. Developed for those who want practical “how to” mentorship as well as in-depth Bible training.  MercyGate Collective uses courses from SAGU as well as Global University, selected books, ministry involvement, daily hands on, and monthly class sessions to equip and develop rising leaders. We are currently taking applications for the 2020-21 School Year!

We have a new Part-time track so please visit our Newsletter for more information, tuition rates and a link to apply!

Click here to access our MGCO FAQ Sheet: MGCO FAQ Sheet

Click here to fill out an application: MercyGate Collective Application

MORE ABOUT MercyGate Collective

What is MercyGate Collective? MercyGate Collective is a school of students in passionate pursuit of practical supernatural expression through church, and marketplace leadership, and ministry. 

MGCO is a ministry of MercyGate Church in Mont Belvieu, TX, whose vision is to see Lives Changed, Relationships Restored and Destinies Discovered. As a community of spirit-filled followers of Jesus, we accomplish this through a thriving prayer and worship ministry, intentional growth and development, as well as practical supernatural activity.

It is in this culture, that next generation ministers and leaders receive quality academic education while cultivating their influence, giftings, callings and demonstrating Kingdom realities under guidance of our passionate leaders and pastors.

Why MGCO? 

There was a time when a quality education and ministry training meant heading to the classroom. Today there are many options to explore the desires God has placed in your heart. Why should a future leader be limited to a classroom?

MGCO puts marketplace leaders, future pastors and ministers in real ministry positions while they are still in school. At MGCO we don’t think simply career ministry. Once you accept Christ you never have a “secular” job. You may desire to be a christian leader in a specialized field in the marketplace or serve in a church or as a missionary full time. No matter what direction you choose, MGCO is here to equip you.

At MercyGate Collective you will: 

  • Discover Your Calling
  • Learn In All Areas of Church Ministry
  • Grow In Leadership, Character & Commitment
  • Earn a Traditional or Ministry Degree
  • Create Lifelong Relationships
  • Experience All This in Our MercyGate Culture

You can choose from 2 Tracks at MGCO based on your desires for education and training:

  • Collective Track #1: Biblical Education for Knowledge and/or Ministerial Credentials with Intensive Internship
    • Uses Berean School of the Bible supplemented with various training materials. This tracks gives basic Bible content (Old & New Testament), theological principles, and in depth discipleship training. Once completed, student will have the option to become certified through the Assemblies of God.
    • Berean School of the Bible will equip you for service through an educational program that is convenient, easily accessible and applicable. The concepts and principles you learn from our curriculum will equip you with practical knowledge of the Bible, theology, and ministry. You can learn more about Berean/Global University by clicking here: Bearean/ Global University
  •  Collective Track #2: Associates Degree from SAGU with Intensive Internship
    • Is a partnership with Southwestern Assemblies of God University in which you can earn an Associates degree in one of the following areas.
      • Church Ministries, A.A.
      • General Studies, A.S.
      • Business Administration, A.S.
      • Addiction Counseling, A.S.
      • Human Services, A.S.
    • Southwestern University is a fully accredited, Bible-based institution for theological and professional studies located in the greater Dallas/Fort worth, Texas Metroplex. Established in 1927, SAGU is a private Christian University preparing undergraduate and graduate students spiritually, academically, professionally, and cross culturally so as to successfully fill evangelistic, missionary and church ministry roles. You can learn more about SAGU by clicking here: SAGU Website

MGCO allows students to experience all different areas of practical ministry. Student will have the opportunity to experience the different ministries of MercyGate church and to learn where their gifts and calling is best utilized. Some of these ministries include youth, worship, children’s, freedom, prayer, outreach and A/V production.

Student will learn directly from a Staff Pastor or Ministry Leader twice a week and work directly in that ministry until rotating to the next assignment. At the end of year one you will have experienced first hand every key area of church ministry. Year two students will specialize within the area they feel the deepest call towards.

**As of right now we are offering a Part-Time option of both tracks for current attendees of MercyGate Church.  To be eligible for financial aide through SAGU, students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.  Financial Aide is NOT available for the Berean Track, or the site fees.
Part time tracks will be completed online with a rotation through each area of Ministry at MercyGate Church to be completed during regular service times.  Additional training courses and class assignments shall be delegated by leadership as needed.

General Overview

Weekday Overview

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Morning Classes for both Tracks #1 & #2.
  • M, W 1:30-2:30pm: Training with Ministry Mentor (Scheduled by rotation through each area of ministry at MercyGate Church).
  • M, W 2:30-4:30pm: Church Ministry Practicums
  • Tu, Th 1:30-3:00pm: *Ministry Essentials (TU) **Leadership Essentials (Th)
    • *MGCO Students will learn Kingdom & Practical Supernatural dynamics of ministry within the body of Christ and the Marketplace (affectionately called “what they never taught me in Bible School”)
    • *MGCO Students will learn Leadership Dynamics that will translate in both church ministries and the marketplace.

(Schedules are subject to change to accommodate ministry opportunities that arise for students)

Weekend Overview

  • MercyGate Church has 2 weekend services. Sunday 8:30am and 10:45am. All students will be required to be at all weekend (and Wednesday night 7pm) services. Student will worship in one service and then serve in the other two in various ministry capacities.


  • At MercyGate Church, we know that family is very important, and we understand that going away at college can sometimes be difficult. For this reason, students will be assigned to a host home or in an apartment with other students.

Admissions Information


  • Meet the age requirements of 18 years old by the start of class.
  • Be a committed follower of Christ.
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of the call of God on your life.
  • Be a regular and active member of a local church (for at least 6 months)
  • Ensure access to sufficient financial resources to cover tuition, fees, accommodations, and living expenses.
  • Meet academic recommendations:
    • A 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average at high school graduation having earned a diploma or GED certifying readiness for a two or four year college experience.

In some cases, an applicant may be asked to provide additional evidence that they meet these requirements. From time to time, the MGCO staff may apply additional conditions or exceptions based on case by case basis. This will be done in the best interest of the applicant, based on our experience of the demands of ministry training, to ensure they are equipped to succeed.

How to Apply

The admissions process doesn’t have to be hard, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you. There are 2 components to the application process:

  1. MercyGate Collective Application (To be filled out for both tracks) Click here to fill out the MGCO Application: MGCO Application
    • Complete and submit online at OR complete and print copy of the application form and email to or faxed to: 281-576-2874 Attn: MGCO or hand delivered to our church office that is located at 9627 Eagle Drive Mont Belvieu, TX. 77580
    • Pay the $250 application fee to MercyGate Church. Note: the $250 application fee is non-refundable and will be applied to the total cost of tuition. You can pay via the link at the bottom of the application that is online or contact us for several other ways to pay that is more convenient for you.
    • Once your application and fee is received, an admission specialist will contact you for a brief interview and any additional questions.
  2. Fill out Application for your specific track: Collective #1 or Collective #2.
    • Berean School Application (to be filled out in addition to the MGCO application if choosing Collective #1 Track)
      • Completed and return to MercyGate your application for Berean by clicking here: Berean Application
    • Southwestern Assemblies of God University Application (to be filled out in addition to the MGCO application if choosing the Collective #2 Track)
      • Complete and submit your online application for SAGU by clicking here: SAGU Application
      • Submit your christian character reference form by clicking here: SAGU Character Reference. This form should be completed by a spiritual leader in your life who can provide a candid assessment of your christian maturity. This individual cannot be a relative.
      • Submit High School transcripts. Transcripts should be sent directly to SAGU’s main campus at 1200 Sycamore Street, Waxahachie, TX 75165.
      • Submit SAT or ACT test scores.
      • Apply for Financial Aid by clicking here: SAGU Financial Aid
      • Once the Admissions Department receives your completed application you will be notified of SAGU’s decision by mail.

Once we have processed both applications, you will be notified of your acceptance into MercyGate Collective via email.

  • Financial Aid
    • Even though attending SAGU through MercyGate Collective is a fraction of the cost of attending a university on-campus, financial aid through FAFSA is still available for our students just like at any college. We want to make this process as simple as possible for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for assistance!
    • What is FAFSA? The free application for Federal student aid (FAFSA) is used for awarding federal student aid. All students must submit the FAFSA in order to receive any financial aid. The application must be completed online or by paper application at FAFSA Application
      • When should I file? You can start filing for FAFSA during your senior year of high school starting on January 1st. Most FAFSA is based on a first-come, first serve basis. To be first in line, start your application in the first week of January. To complete it, you will need to use your W-2 from the previous year, then update your application as soon as your must current w-2 arrives. If you are afraid of forgetting to update your application, you can wait on your W-2 form and then file your FAFSA.
      • Can I file for FAFSA even if I haven’t been accepted yet? Yes. You do not have to wait for your acceptance letter to come before you apply for FAFSA. Even if you are undecided on which school you want to atone, you can still complete it. You can list up to 10 colleges on you FAFSA which is used to determine the cost of attendance (COA). To do this you will need to get the school codes of the places that you are interested in; our FAFSA school code is 003616.

Tuition and Fees Per Semester for Collective Track #1

  • Tuition-$1,200
    • Berean College tuition for Biblical & Practical Training
    • Paid to MercyGate Collective
  • Student Housing & Meals-$3,200
    • Paid to MercyGate Collective
  • Student Fees-$450
    • Paid to MercyGate Collective
    • Amount includes ministry practicums, administration fees, and student events.
  • Annual total with room and board-$9,700

Tuition and Fees Per Semester for Collective Track #2

  • Tuition-$4,500 (Financial Aid available)
    • College tuition for 15 credit hours per semester
    • Paid to Southwestern Assemblies of God University
    • Amount does not include books.
  • Student Housing and Meals-$3,200
    • Paid to MercyGate Collective
  • Student Fees-$450
    • Paid to MercyGate Collective
    • Amount includes ministry practicums, administrative fees, and student events.
  • Annual total with room and board-$16,300

Tuition and Fees Per Semester for Part Time Options

Cost for Track 1:  $270 a credit hour to SAGU.  $450 site fee to MercyGate per semester.
Cost for Track 2:  $150 a course paid to MercyGate.  $450 site fee to MercyGate per semester.

How to Pay Tuition

You can use a secure portal to pay online. At the end of the online application there is a secure portal for you to give your deposit. In the future we will provide this same way to make payments and will discuss payment options at that time.